Selecting materials to manufacture products for horses we could not miss pure new wool.

Why wool? It’s simple:

-       Makes it easy to maintain a constant (optimal) body temperature

-       Allows the body to breathe through the skin

-       Allows for quick drying after exercise

-       Provides micro-massage

Wool fibers have an ability to contract or expand depending on the temperature which causes spontaneous flow of the air through the material. This phenomenon gives wool natural thermoregulation properties, ensuring horse doesn’t sweat or overheat.

Among natural fibers, the lamb wool exhibits the best water absorbing properties. It is capable of absorbing the amount of water equivalent to ⅓ of its own mass without having impression of being moist. Due to its capability to absorb large amount of sweat, wool provides a quick drying effect. The absorbed water is not retained within the material as it evaporates quickly during ventilation.

 Micro-massage with wool fibers helps to maintain desired blood circulation.

 Lamb wool can be used to support therapy in various ailments, such as:

-       Conditions after injuries and fractures,

-       Inflammation of tendons, muscles and ligaments,

-       Degenerative changes of limbs and spine,

-       Chronic pain syndromes, especially rheumatoid ones,

-       Cardiovascular diseases.


Our wool is certified by The Woolmark Company.